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Updated on Sep 30, 2023 10:26
Step into the world of infinite possibilities with StrawPoll's latest ranking - "What is the most useful Minecraft farm?" As avid Minecraft enthusiasts, we know how crucial farms are in shaping your virtual world, and we want to hear from you! Join thousands of fellow players in ranking the most ingenious and efficient Minecraft farms that not only make your gameplay smoother but also add a touch of creativity to your realm. Whether you're a fan of the classic crop farm or prefer the more adventurous mob farm, we've got you covered. And if you think there's an unsung hero of Minecraft farming missing from our list, feel free to suggest it! So, what are you waiting for? Cast your vote, share your insights, and let's uncover the ultimate Minecraft farm together - only on StrawPoll.

What Is the Most Useful Minecraft Farm? (October 2023)

  1. 1

    Iron farm

    Tango Tek
    Iron is an essential resource for many Minecraft projects, and an iron farm can produce a large amount of it quickly and efficiently.
    The Iron farm is a highly useful and efficient farm in Minecraft that allows players to automate the production of Iron Ingots. It is designed to exploit the spawning mechanics of villagers and iron golems to generate a steady supply of iron.
    • Type: Automated Iron Farm
    • Design: Cuboidal Structure
    • Villagers Required: Minimum of 10
    • Iron Golem Spawning Area: 67 blocks
    • Efficiency: High (producing hundreds of iron ingots per hour)
  2. 2

    Crop farm

    Mumbo Jumbo
    Growing crops is a basic and important aspect of Minecraft gameplay, providing food and resources for other projects.
    The Crop farm is a useful Minecraft farm designed to cultivate and harvest various crops efficiently. It ensures a steady supply of food and resources in the game.
    • Automatic Harvesting: The farm automatically harvests crops, eliminating the need for manual harvesting.
    • Crop Variety: It supports the cultivation of multiple crops, including wheat, carrots, potatoes, beetroot, and more.
    • Tileable Design: The farm can be easily replicated and tiled to scale up the crop production.
    • Water Irrigation: The farm utilizes water channels or dispensers to hydrate the crops and ensure optimal growth.
    • Efficient Layout: It utilizes a compact and organized layout to maximize crop density and minimize wasted space.
  3. 3

    Mob grinder

    Mob grinders can be used to collect drops from hostile mobs, such as bones, arrows, and gunpowder.
    A mob grinder is a highly efficient and automated farm in Minecraft for obtaining drops and experience points (XP) from hostile mobs. It is designed to trap and kill mobs continuously, maximizing the resource output.
    • Efficiency: Highly efficient resource and XP farming
    • Automation: Fully automated trapping and killing of mobs
    • Drop Collection: Automatically collects drops from killed mobs
    • XP Farming: Generates XP for players to level up
    • Scalability: Can be scaled up to accommodate larger farms
  4. 4

    Enderman farm

    Ender pearls are a valuable resource for teleportation and other projects, and an enderman farm can provide a steady supply of them.
    The Enderman farm is a highly efficient and automated Minecraft farm designed specifically for farming Endermen. It is a structure that maximizes the spawn rates of Endermen and allows players to easily defeat them for their valuable drops.
    • Efficiency: Produces a high number of Enderman spawns per hour
    • Automation: Fully automated process for killing Endermen and collecting their drops
    • Mob Grinding: Designed to efficiently grind large quantities of Endermen
    • Redstone Mechanisms: Incorporates advanced redstone circuitry for optimal performance
    • Lighting Control: Properly lit structure to maximize Enderman spawn rates
  5. 5

    Guardian farm

    Guardians drop prismarine shards and crystals, which are used in many Minecraft building projects.
    A Guardian farm is a highly efficient farm designed to collect drops from Guardians, hostile ocean mobs found in Ocean Monuments in Minecraft. It utilizes a combination of water mechanics and a killing chamber to automate the process of killing the Guardians and collecting their drops.
    • Efficiency: Produces a high number of Guardian drops per hour
    • Mob Farm Type: Ocean Monument farm
    • Collection Method: Automated system using water streams and hopper minecarts
    • Redstone Usage: Utilizes redstone mechanisms for killing chambers and item collection
    • Location: Requires access to an Ocean Monument
  6. 6

    Blaze farm

    Blaze rods are a crucial ingredient for brewing, and a blaze farm can provide a steady supply of them.
    A Blaze farm is a type of automated farm in Minecraft designed to collect Blaze rods from Blazes, a hostile mob found in Nether Fortresses. It is commonly used to obtain Blaze rods, an essential item for crafting potions and fueling brewing stands.
    • Efficiency: High
    • Mob spawning: Controlled
    • Redstone Requirements: Moderate
    • Materials: Obsidian, Netherrack, Water, Pistons, Slabs
    • Size: Variable
  7. 7
    Wool is used in many Minecraft projects, such as building and crafting items. A wool farm can produce a large amount of it quickly.
    A wool farm in Minecraft is a setup designed to automatically gather wool from sheep. It is an essential farm for players who require large quantities of wool for various purposes in the game.
    • Efficiency: High
    • Automation: Yes
    • Redstone Requirement: Minimal
    • Mob Interaction: Sheep
    • Space Requirement: Variable
  8. 8

    Honey farm

    Honey is a new resource introduced in Minecraft 1.15, and can be used for crafting and as a food source. A honey farm can provide a steady supply of honey bottles and honeycomb.
    A honey farm is a type of farm in Minecraft that focuses on collecting and harvesting honey from beehives and bee nests. It involves creating a setup with multiple beehives and bee nests to attract and house bees, allowing them to produce honeycomb and honey bottles. Honey farms serve various purposes, including providing a sustainable source of food, crafting materials, and bee-related products.
    • Efficiency: A honey farm efficiently collects honey by creating an optimized setup to maximize honey production.
    • Mob Farm Compatibility: Honey farms can be combined with mob farms to utilize bees' ability to attack hostile mobs.
    • Automatic Harvesting: Advanced honey farms can incorporate Redstone mechanisms to automatically harvest honeycombs and honey bottles.
    • Renewable Resource: Honey farms offer a sustainable way to obtain honeycomb and honey bottles without depleting finite resources.
    • Decorative Element: Beehives and bee nests can add a charming visual element to any Minecraft farm.
  9. 9

    Fish farm

    Fishing is a popular activity in Minecraft, and a fish farm can provide a steady supply of fish and other items, such as enchanted books.
    The Fish Farm is a type of automated farm in Minecraft that allows players to easily and efficiently obtain fish. It provides a sustainable source of food and other valuable resources, making it a popular choice for survival gameplay.
    • Redstone Requirements: Moderate
    • Efficiency: High
    • Automation Level: Fully automated
    • Resource Yield: Fish, enchanted books, treasure items
    • Space Requirements: Relatively small
  10. 10
    Piglin bartering was introduced in Minecraft 1.16, and can provide valuable items such as obsidian and enchanted gear. A piglin bartering farm can automate the process and provide a steady supply of these items.
    A Piglin bartering farm is a farm designed to automate the process of obtaining valuable items through bartering with Piglins in Minecraft. It takes advantage of the Piglins' behavior of exchanging gold ingots for various rare and valuable items.
    • Efficiency: High
    • Redstone Requirements: Moderate
    • Space Requirements: Moderate
    • Mob Interaction: Low
    • Resource Usage: Low

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Ranking factors for useful farm

  1. Efficiency
    The amount of resources the farm is able to produce in a given time period.
  2. Scalability
    The ability to expand the farm easily and increase its output.
  3. Sustainability
    Whether the farm is self-contained or requires external resources to operate.
  4. Resource requirements
    The amount of materials and effort required to build and maintain the farm.
  5. Automation
    The level of automation the farm can achieve, which can reduce the amount of manual labor required.
  6. Versatility
    The ability for the farm to produce multiple types of resources.
  7. Accessibility
    The ease of access to the farm and its resources.

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