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Embark on a thirst-quenching journey through the vibrant streets of Barcelona with StrawPoll's latest ranking - "What is the most popular drink in Barcelona?" As a city that boasts a rich culinary tapestry, it's time to put your taste buds to the test and vote for your favorite libation, be it a refreshing Cava, a zesty Vermouth, or a classic Sangria. But wait, there's more! If your go-to drink is missing from our list, fear not, you can suggest a worthy contender to join the ranks. So, raise your glasses, join fellow aficionados, and let's toast to discovering Barcelona's most beloved beverage! Cheers, or as the locals say, "Salud!"

What Is the Most Popular Drink in Barcelona?

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    Sangria is a traditional Spanish drink made with red wine, chopped fruit, and brandy or rum. It is a popular drink in Barcelona because it is refreshing and perfect for hot weather.
    Sangria is a popular alcoholic drink in Mexico that is typically made by mixing red wine with various fruits, sweeteners, and sometimes other spirits. It is a refreshing and fruity beverage that is commonly enjoyed during social gatherings and celebrations.
    • Main Ingredients: Red wine, fruits (such as oranges, lemons, and berries), sweeteners (such as sugar or honey), and often spirits (such as brandy or liqueurs)
    • Taste: Fruity, sweet, and often with a hint of citrus and spice
    • Serving Temperature: Chilled or over ice
    • Popular Variations: White Sangria (made with white wine instead of red), Sparkling Sangria (made with sparkling wine or champagne), and Virgin Sangria (non-alcoholic version)
    • Garnish: Fresh fruit slices, herbs (such as mint or basil), or spices (such as cinnamon or cloves)
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    Cava is a sparkling wine made in the Catalonia region of Spain, which includes Barcelona. It is similar to champagne but is made with different grapes and has a unique taste.
    Cava is a sparkling wine that is highly popular in Barcelona and Catalonia. It is often compared to the French champagne due to its similar production method and effervescence. Cava is known for its lively bubbles, crisp acidity, and refreshing flavors, making it a delightful drink for celebrations and everyday enjoyment.
    • Region: Catalonia, Spain
    • Grape Varieties: Typically Macabeo, Parellada, and Xarel·lo, with occasional additions of Chardonnay or other local grapes
    • Production Method: Traditional method (Méthode Champenoise)
    • Aging Requirement: Minimum of nine months for standard Cava, with longer aging for Reserva and Gran Reserva categories
    • Alcohol Content: Usually around 11.5-12.5%
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    Vermut is a fortified wine that is flavored with herbs and spices. It is a popular aperitif in Barcelona and is often served with olives or other small snacks.
    Vermut, also known as Vermouth, is a popular drink in Barcelona. It is a fortified wine that is aromatized with a variety of botanicals, herbs, and spices. Vermut is known for its aromatic and slightly bitter flavor profile, making it a perfect aperitif to enjoy before a meal or during social gatherings. It is often served chilled, over ice, and garnished with a slice of orange or lemon, and a green olive.
    • Alcohol Content: The typical alcohol content of Vermut ranges from 15% to 18% ABV.
    • Base Wine: Vermut is usually made from a white wine base, which is then infused with a blend of botanicals and fortified with a neutral spirit, such as brandy.
    • Botanicals: The botanical ingredients used in Vermut production can vary, but common ones include wormwood, gentian root, citrus peels, cinnamon, cloves, and various herbs.
    • Sweetness Level: Vermut can be categorized as sweet, dry, or semi-dry, depending on the amount of sugar added during production.
    • Color: Vermut can have a range of colors, from pale straw to amber, and even deep red depending on the style and aging process.
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    Estrella Damm

    Damm Brewery
    Estrella Damm is a popular beer brewed in Barcelona. It has a light, refreshing taste and is often served with tapas or other small plates.
    Estrella Damm is a popular beer in Spain known for its refreshing taste and golden color. It is a lager-style beer that is widely enjoyed throughout the country. The creator of Estrella Damm is the Damm Brewery, which was founded in Barcelona in 1876.
    • Type: Lager
    • Color: Golden
    • Alcohol Content: 5.4%
    • IBU (International Bitterness Units): 25
    • Ingredients: Water, barley malt, corn, hops, and yeast
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    Coffee is coffee is a popular drink in Barcelona, and there are many cafes and coffee shops throughout the city. Spanish coffee is typically strong and served with milk or sugar.
  6. 6
    Horchata is a sweet, milky drink made from tiger nuts. It is a popular drink in Valencia, but it can also be found in Barcelona.
    Horchata is a traditional Mexican beverage that is enjoyed by people of all ages. It is a refreshing drink with a unique flavor profile.
    • Base Ingredients: Horchata is typically made from rice or a blend of rice and nuts (such as almonds or tiger nuts), which are soaked, ground, and mixed with water.
    • Flavor: Horchata has a slightly sweet and creamy taste, often with hints of cinnamon, vanilla, or other spices.
    • Texture: The beverage has a smooth and milky texture, similar to a thin milkshake.
    • Serving Temperature: Horchata is commonly served chilled or over ice, making it a perfect drink for hot summer days.
    • Variations: While rice-based horchata is the most common, there are variations using other ingredients like pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, or even chufa (tiger nuts).
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    Gin and tonic
    NotFromUtrecht · CC BY-SA 3.0
    Gin and tonic is a cocktail made with gin, tonic water, and lime. It is a popular drink in Barcelona, and many bars and restaurants offer a variety of different gins and tonic waters.
    Gin and tonic is a popular cocktail in Argentina made with gin, tonic water, and garnished with a slice of lime or lemon. It is a refreshing and effervescent drink that is commonly enjoyed as an aperitif or during social gatherings.
    • Gin: Most commonly, London dry gin is used in the preparation of gin and tonic.
    • Tonic Water: Tonic water is a carbonated beverage that is flavored with quinine, giving it a slightly bitter taste. It is an essential ingredient in a gin and tonic.
    • Garnish: A slice of lime or lemon is commonly used as a garnish in a gin and tonic. It adds a citrusy aroma and flavor to the drink.
    • Glass: A highball or Collins glass is typically used to serve a gin and tonic.
    • Ice: The drink is served over ice cubes, which help to keep the cocktail cold and enhance its refreshing quality.
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    Mojito is a cocktail made with rum, lime, sugar, and mint. It is a popular drink in Barcelona, and many bars and restaurants offer their own unique twist on the classic recipe.
    The Mojito is a refreshing and popular cocktail that originated in Cuba. It is made with a combination of rum, lime juice, sugar, mint leaves, and soda water. This iconic cocktail has a vibrant and zesty flavor profile with a hint of sweetness.
    • Primary Alcohol: Rum
    • Citrus Element: Lime Juice
    • Sweetener: Sugar
    • Herb/Spice: Mint Leaves
    • Carbonation: Soda Water
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    Agua de Valencia is a cocktail made with cava, orange juice, gin, and vodka. It is a popular drink in Valencia, but it can also be found in Barcelona.
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    Tinto de verano is a refreshing drink made with red wine, lemon soda, and ice. It is similar to sangria but is lighter and less sweet. It is a popular drink in Barcelona, especially during the summer months.
    Tinto de verano is a refreshing and popular drink in Barcelona, Spain. It is a summertime favorite among locals and tourists alike. This beverage is known for its simplicity and vibrant flavors, making it an ideal choice to beat the heat.
    • Primary Ingredient: Red Wine
    • Mixing Ingredient: Carbonated Lemon Soda (such as Fanta Lemon or Sprite)
    • Serving Temperature: Chilled
    • Glassware: Tumbler or Wine Glass
    • Garnish: Slice of lemon or orange

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Ranking factors for popular drink

  1. Sales data
    Check the sales of different drinks in bars, cafes, and restaurants to get insights into people's preferences.
  2. Cultural significance
    Some drinks may be popular in Barcelona due to their cultural importance or historical ties, such as cava, a sparkling wine from Catalonia, or vermouth, a fortified wine often enjoyed as an aperitif.
  3. Seasonal variations
    During different seasons, people may prefer different drinks. In summer, people may prefer cold, refreshing beverages like beer or sangria, while in winter, they might opt for warm beverages like hot chocolate.
  4. Pricing
    Affordability plays a role in a drink's popularity among locals and visitors alike. Drinks that offer good value for money will likely be more popular than expensive, exclusive options.
  5. Taste preferences
    People's individual tastes and preferences must be taken into account, as various drinks will appeal to different palates.
  6. Local production
    Drinks that are made or sourced locally, such as regional wines, beers, or spirits, tend to be popular choices among residents and tourists looking to experience local flavors and support local businesses.

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