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Updated on Feb 17, 2024 06:05
Are you a fan of Filipino cinema and curious to know which movie reigns supreme in popularity? Look no further! Here at StrawPoll, we've crafted an exciting ranking that compiles the most popular Filipino movies of all time, and we want your vote to help us determine the ultimate winner. With a rich and diverse film industry, the Philippines has produced countless unforgettable movies across various genres – from heart-wrenching dramas to thrilling action flicks, and from timeless classics to modern masterpieces. So, whether you're a casual movie-goer, a die-hard fan, or a proud Pinoy cinephile, now's your chance to make your voice heard and cast your vote for your favorite Filipino movie. And don't worry if you don't see your top pick on the list; we also provide an option for you to suggest any missing gems that deserve a spot in the ranking. So, join the fun, explore the best of Filipino cinema, and let's find out together which film will take the crown as the most popular Filipino movie ever!

What Is the Most Popular Filipino Movie?

  1. 1
    This movie has gained popularity for its relatable portrayal of sibling relationships and its star-studded cast.
    Four Sisters and a Wedding is a popular Filipino movie released in 2013. It is a comedy-drama film that revolves around four siblings who reunite when their youngest brother announces his plans to marry his girlfriend. As they come together for the wedding preparations, old tensions resurface and they are forced to confront their differences and past issues.
    • Genre: Comedy, Drama
    • Release Year: 2013
    • Director: Cathy Garcia-Molina
    • Writer: Vanessa Valdez
    • Main Cast: Bea Alonzo, Toni Gonzaga, Angel Locsin, Shaina Magdayao, Enchong Dee
  2. 2

    The Hows of Us (2018)

    Cathy Garcia-Molina
    This romantic drama stars the popular love team Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla and has become a box office hit for its depiction of the struggles of a young couple.
    The Hows of Us (2018) is a romantic drama film directed by Cathy Garcia-Molina. It tells the story of a young couple named Primo and George who are struggling to keep their relationship alive while pursuing their individual dreams. As they face the challenges of growing up and the realities of life, they begin to question their love for each other and discover the true meaning of commitment. The film explores themes of love, sacrifice, and the importance of communication in a relationship.
    • Genre: Romantic drama
    • Release Year: 2018
    • Director: Cathy Garcia-Molina
    • Main Cast: Kathryn Bernardo, Daniel Padilla
    • Language: Filipino
  3. 3

    One More Chance (2007)

    Director: Cathy Garcia-Molina
    This classic Filipino movie explores the complexities of relationships and has been a fan favorite for over a decade.
    One More Chance (2007) is a Filipino romantic drama film directed by Cathy Garcia-Molina. It tells the story of Popoy and Basha, a couple who have been in a long-term relationship since college. The movie explores the struggles and challenges they face as their relationship begins to deteriorate and the journey they go through in finding a second chance at love.
    • Release date: November 14, 2007
    • Running time: 115 minutes
    • Genre: Romantic drama
    • Language: Filipino
    • Country of origin: Philippines
  4. 4
    This comedy film starring Ai-Ai delas Alas became a cultural phenomenon and spawned multiple sequels due to its humorous portrayal of a single mother raising her children.
    Ang Tanging Ina (2003) is a popular Filipino comedy film that revolves around the life of Ina Montecillo, a single mother who faces the challenges of raising her 12 children. The movie follows Ina's journey as she balances her roles as a mother, provider, and disciplinarian, and showcases the humorous and heartwarming moments that arise from her everyday struggles.
    • Genre: Comedy
    • Release Date: December 25, 2003
    • Running Time: 105 minutes
    • Language: Filipino
    • Country: Philippines
  5. 5
    Heneral Luna (2015)
    Presumably a commissioned work for Artikulo Uno Production. Vector recreated by Hariboneagle927 · Public domain

    Heneral Luna (2015)

    Jerrold Tarog
    This historical drama about the life and death of General Antonio Luna has been praised for its cinematic style and storytelling.
    Heneral Luna (2015) is a critically acclaimed Filipino historical biopic film directed by Jerrold Tarog. The film tells the story of General Antonio Luna, one of the most prominent figures of the Philippine-American War. It explores Luna's leadership, patriotism, and the challenges he faced in trying to unite the Filipino revolutionaries against the American colonizers.
    • Release Date: September 9, 2015
    • Genre: Historical, Biographical, Drama, War
    • Duration: 118 minutes
    • Language: Filipino
    • Country: Philippines
  6. 6
    This indie film has gained popularity for its romantic storyline and relatable depiction of young love.
    Sakaling Maging Tayo (2019) is a popular Filipino romantic comedy film. It revolves around the story of Pol and Laya, two college students who unexpectedly meet during a road trip from Cagayan de Oro to Dumaguete. As they get to know each other, they start to develop a deep connection and find themselves confronting their own fears and insecurities. The film explores the themes of love, fate, and finding oneself amidst the uncertainties of life.
    • Genre: Romantic comedy
    • Release Year: 2019
    • Duration: 110 minutes
    • Language: Filipino
    • Country of Origin: Philippines
  7. 7

    My Ex and Whys (2017)

    Cathy Garcia-Molina
    This romantic comedy-drama starring Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil explores the dynamics of a past relationship and has become a box-office hit.
    My Ex and Whys (2017) is a Filipino romantic comedy film directed by Cathy Garcia-Molina. The story revolves around Cali, a blogger who meets her ex-boyfriend, Gio, again and tries to understand why he cheated on her in the past. As they spend time together, Cali uncovers the reasons behind Gio's infidelity.
    • Running Time: 120 minutes
    • Language: Filipino
    • Country: Philippines
    • Genre: Romantic comedy
    • Release Year: 2017
  8. 8
    This romantic comedy-drama became a sleeper hit due to its relatable storyline and charming performances by its lead actors.
  9. 9

    Kita Kita (2017)

    Sigrid Andrea P. Bernardo
    This romantic comedy-drama set in Japan became a surprise hit due to its unique storyline and strong performances by its lead actors.
    Kita Kita (2017) is a critically acclaimed Filipino romantic comedy film. The movie is directed and written by Sigrid Andrea P. Bernardo. It tells the story of Lea, a Filipino tour guide in Sapporo, Japan who suffers from temporary blindness after discovering her longtime boyfriend's infidelity. She meets Tonyo, a Filipino who helps her regain her confidence and encourages her to see the world in a different way.
    • Genre: Romantic Comedy
    • Release Year: 2017
    • Language: Filipino/Tagalog
    • Country: Philippines
    • Runtime: 84 minutes
  10. 10

    Miss Granny (2018)

    Joyce Bernal
    This comedy-drama about a grandmother who magically transforms into her younger self has been praised for its heartwarming storyline and comedic performances.
    Miss Granny (2018) is a Filipino comedy-drama film directed by Joyce Bernal. It follows the story of an old woman named Fely, who magically finds herself transformed into her 20-year-old self as she gets a chance to relive her youth. The movie delves into themes of family, love, and personal fulfillment.
    • Genre: Comedy-drama
    • Release Year: 2018
    • Director: Joyce Bernal
    • Main Cast: Sarah Geronimo, James Reid, Xian Lim
    • Running Time: 120 minutes

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Ranking factors for popular movie

  1. Box office success
    Analyze the revenue numbers to determine which movies performed well at the box office. High-grossing films are typically viewed as popular and successful.
  2. Critical reception
    Look at reviews and ratings from critics and audiences. Well-received movies with favorable reviews and high ratings are likely to be popular and have a lasting impact.
  3. Awards and nominations
    Consider the accolades and recognition a movie has received, which can be indicators of its popularity.
  4. Impact on pop culture
    Examine the film's influence on Filipino culture, such as memorable lines, scenes, or characters that have become a part of the popular discourse or have inspired other works.
  5. Historical significance
    Consider the importance of the movie in the context of Filipino cinema history, such as if it pioneered a new genre or introduced a groundbreaking technique or technology.
  6. Social relevance
    Assess the film's ability to resonate with Filipino audiences by tackling timely issues, such as social, political, and cultural themes that are important in the country.
  7. Star power
    Look at the actors involved in the movie, as popular actors and actresses can contribute to a film's success and popularity.
  8. Director and production team
    Examine the reputation and track record of the film's director and production crew. Highly-regarded filmmakers tend to create popular movies.
  9. Word of mouth
    Consider the buzz generated around the movie through social media, online discussions, and general conversations among friends and family.
  10. Longevity
    Assess the staying power of the movie based on its continued relevance, re-watchability, and fanbase even after its initial release.

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