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Author: Gregor Krambs
Updated on May 27, 2024 08:05
Fans of NASCAR often debate which driver stands out not only for their skill on the track but also for their charisma and connection with the audience. Having a current and reliable ranking of the most popular drivers can aid fans in seeing a broader consensus and engage more deeply with the sport's community. It also helps new fans get acquainted with key figures in the sport. This interactive list captures real-time preferences and opinions from NASCAR enthusiasts around the world. By voting for your favorite driver, you contribute to a dynamic overview of fan favorites, providing a snapshot of who is resonating the most with audiences at any given time. So go ahead, cast your vote and see where your favorite drivers stand.

Who Is the Most Popular NASCAR Driver?

  1. 1

    Dale Earnhardt Jr.

    Earnhardt Jr. is one of the most popular drivers in NASCAR history, despite never winning a championship.
    • Most Popular Driver Award: 15
    • Daytona 500 Wins: 2
  2. 2

    Jimmie Johnson

    Johnson dominated the 2000s, winning 7 championships, including 5 consecutively.
    • Championships: 7
    • Consecutive Championships: 5
  3. 3

    Kyle Busch

    Busch, known for his aggressive driving style, has won 2 championships and over 200 races across all three NASCAR series.
    • Championships: 2
    • Total NASCAR Series Wins: 200+
  4. 4

    Jeff Gordon

    Gordon brought NASCAR to a broader audience in the 90s with his 4 championships.
    • Championships: 4
    • Wins: 93
  5. 5

    Darrell Waltrip

    Waltrip is a three-time champion known for his personality both on and off the track.
    • Championships: 3
    • Wins: 84
  6. 6

    Dale Earnhardt

    Earnhardt, known as 'The Intimidator', was a fearless competitor with 7 championships.
    • Championships: 7
    • Wins: 76
  7. 7

    Tony Stewart

    Stewart, also known as 'Smoke', won 3 championships and is known for his versatility.
    • Championships: 3
    • Wins: 49
  8. 8

    Richard Petty

    Known as 'The King', Petty is a NASCAR icon with a record 200 wins.
    • Championships: 7
    • Daytona 500 Wins: 7
  9. 9

    Bobby Allison

    Allison, a member of the 'Alabama Gang', won the 1983 championship and had 84 wins.
    • Championships: 1
    • Wins: 84
  10. 10

    Bill Elliott

    Elliott, also known as 'Awesome Bill from Dawsonville', won the championship in 1988 and is known for his speed, setting numerous records.
    • Championships: 1
    • Most Popular Driver Award: 16

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More about the Most Popular NASCAR Driver

Dale Earnhardt Jr.
Rank #1 for the most popular NASCAR driver: Dale Earnhardt Jr. (Source)
NASCAR has a rich history. It started in 1948. Over the years, many drivers have become fan favorites. They have skill, charisma, and a strong connection with fans. These drivers often come from racing families. They grow up around the sport. They learn to drive fast at a young age.

These drivers often start in smaller races. They move up through the ranks. They drive in local races, then regional ones. They get noticed for their talent. Teams sign them. They get their big break. They start racing in NASCAR's top series.

Fans love these drivers for many reasons. They win races. They have exciting driving styles. They often take risks. They make bold moves on the track. They have big personalities. They give great interviews. They engage with fans on social media. They sign autographs. They take photos with fans.

These drivers often have rivalries. They race hard against each other. They want to win. They want to be the best. These rivalries create drama. They make the sport more exciting. Fans pick sides. They cheer for their favorite driver.

Some drivers are known for their consistency. They finish in the top positions often. They win championships. They are always in the mix. They perform well year after year.

Other drivers are known for their comebacks. They have ups and downs. They face challenges. They have crashes. They have injuries. They come back stronger. They never give up. Fans admire their determination.

These drivers also have strong teams. They work with skilled crew chiefs. They have fast cars. They have good strategies. They make quick pit stops. They work well together. This teamwork helps them win races.

Sponsors play a big role. They support these drivers. They provide the funding. They get their logos on the cars. They get exposure. They help promote the drivers. They help build their brands.

These drivers give back to the community. They have charities. They support causes. They visit hospitals. They inspire young fans. They make a positive impact.

The most popular drivers have a lasting legacy. They break records. They set new standards. They inspire the next generation of drivers. They leave a mark on the sport. They are remembered long after they retire.

NASCAR fans are passionate. They follow their favorite drivers closely. They watch the races. They buy the merchandise. They travel to see the races live. They are loyal. They support their drivers through thick and thin.

These drivers are the heart of NASCAR. They bring excitement. They bring drama. They bring joy. They make the sport what it is today. They are the heroes of the track.

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