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Dive into the magical world of Black Clover and make your voice heard by participating in our latest StrawPoll ranking - "What is the most popular ship in Black Clover?" Thousands of fans like you are casting their votes to determine the ultimate fan-favorite coupling in this enchanting anime series. Will the fiery duo of Asta and Noelle reign supreme, or will a dark horse pairing steal the spotlight? Don't miss your chance to influence the outcome and fuel your passion for Black Clover's diverse and captivating relationships. Explore the current standings, cast your vote, or even suggest a missing option that could change the game. The fate of these beloved characters' love lives is in your hands, so join the ranks and let your heart's desire be known!

What Is the Most Popular Ship in Black Clover?

  1. 1
    This ship has gained massive popularity among fans due to their contrasting personalities and their strong bond as teammates. They have shown romantic hints towards each other throughout the series, making them one of the most popular ships in Black Clover.
    Asta x Noelle is a popular ship in the Black Clover series, which fans believe could be a potential romantic relationship between the main protagonist, Asta, and one of the main female characters, Noelle Silva. The ship gained popularity due to the interactions, chemistry, and character development between Asta and Noelle throughout the series.
    • Canon possibility: The ship is not confirmed or denied in the official canon of the series.
    • Mutual Growth: Asta and Noelle have shown significant character development and mutual growth throughout the series, forming a strong bond.
    • Complementary Personalities: Asta's determination and Noelle's initial aloofness create an interesting dynamic between the two characters.
    • Shared Experiences: Both Asta and Noelle have faced various challenges together, forming a deep understanding of each other's struggles.
    • Romantic Tension: There have been multiple instances of romantic tension and hints of possible romantic feelings between Asta and Noelle.
  2. 2
    Yami and Charlotte's relationship has been hinted at since their first meeting, and their interactions have only grown more meaningful as the series has progressed. Their dynamic as two powerful captains with contrasting personalities has garnered a lot of fan attention.
    Yami x Charlotte, also known as YamiCharlotte or CharlotteYami, is a popular ship in the Black Clover fandom. It represents the romantic relationship between Yami Sukehiro, the captain of the Black Bull squad, and Charlotte Roselei, the captain of the Blue Rose squad. This ship is known for its contrasting personalities and the potential for an unlikely romance blossoming between two strong captains.
    • Ship Name: Yami x Charlotte
    • Alternate Ship Names: YamiCharlotte, CharlotteYami
    • Captain of Black Bull: Yami Sukehiro
    • Captain of Blue Rose: Charlotte Roselei
    • Personality Contrasts: Yami - laid-back, direct, and rough | Charlotte - elegant, composed, and tsundere
  3. 3

    Finral x Vanessa

    Anonymous fans
    These two characters have a playful dynamic that fans have latched onto, with their flirtatious banter and moments of genuine concern for each other.
    Finral x Vanessa is a popular ship in the Black Clover fandom, referring to the romantic pairing between Finral Roulacase and Vanessa Enoteca, both members of the Black Bulls Magic Knight Squad. Fans of this ship appreciate the contrasting personalities of Finral, a charming womanizer, and Vanessa, a no-nonsense, independent woman. The ship is often depicted as a playful and passionate relationship filled with teasing and heartfelt moments.
    • Ship name: Finnessa
    • Status: Canon Interaction
    • Moments: Multiple
    • Chemistry: Complementary personalities
    • Supporters: Widely loved by fans
  4. 4
    Luck and Magna's brotherly bond has been a fan-favorite since their introduction in the series. Their shared love of battle and playful teasing make them a popular ship among fans.
    Luck x Magna is a popular ship in the Black Clover fandom that pairs the characters Luck Voltia and Magna Swing together romantically. It is a fan-created ship based on the strong friendship and mutual respect between the characters in the series.
    • Ship Name: Luck x Magna
    • Status: Non-canon
    • Type: Slash (M/M)
    • Popularity: High
    • Supporters: Black Clover fans
  5. 5
    Yuno and Mimosa have had a subtle romantic tension throughout the series, with Yuno frequently saving and protecting Mimosa. Fans have enjoyed seeing their relationship develop over time.
    Yuno x Mimosa is a popular ship in the Black Clover series that revolves around the relationship between Yuno and Mimosa Vermillion. Yuno, a talented and stoic member of the Golden Dawn squad, forms a close bond with Mimosa, a kind-hearted and supportive member of the Vermillion family. The ship explores the potential romantic connection between the two characters as they navigate their roles as Magic Knights and face various challenges together.
    • Ship Name: Yumosa
    • First Appearance: Black Clover Chapter 3
    • Ship Type: Romantic
    • Relationship Status: Developing
    • Canon Status: Non-canon
  6. 6
    While not as popular as Asta x Noelle, Asta and Mimosa have had a few moments of romantic tension throughout the series, particularly during the Royal Knights Selection Exam.
    Asta x Mimosa is a popular ship in the Black Clover anime and manga series. It refers to the romantic pairing between Asta, a determined and hardworking orphan with no magic, and Mimosa, a kind-hearted noble with powerful plant magic abilities. The ship is often favored by fans who enjoy their contrasting personalities and believe they complement each other well in their shared goal to become stronger and protect their friends.
    • Ship Name: Asta x Mimosa
    • Ship Type: Romantic
    • Status: Popular
    • First Appearance: Black Clover - Episode 1
    • Canon Status: Non-canon
  7. 7
    Luck and Noelle have had a few moments of meaningful interaction throughout the series, particularly during the battle against the elves. Fans have enjoyed their contrasting personalities and playful teasing.
    The 'Luck x Noelle' ship in Black Clover refers to the romantic pairing of Luck Voltia and Noelle Silva, two prominent characters in the series. Fans of Black Clover have often shipped these characters due to their intriguing dynamic and interactions throughout the story.
    • Name: Luck x Noelle
    • Status: Popular ship in the Black Clover fandom
    • Dynamic: Romantic pairing
    • Interactions: Various meaningful moments and dialogues in the series
    • Chemistry: Strong emotional connection
  8. 8
    This ship has gained popularity due to the dynamic between Finral and his estranged brother Langris, as well as their contrasting personalities. Fans have enjoyed seeing the two characters interact and grow closer over time.
    Finral x Langris is a popular ship in the Black Clover fandom, also known as Finral Roulacase x Langris Vaude. It refers to the romantic pairing between Finral Roulacase, a member of the Black Bulls squad, and Langris Vaude, a former member of the Golden Dawn squad.
    • Ship Name: Finral x Langris
    • Fandom Name: Fingris
    • Canon Status: Non-canon
    • Popularity: High
    • Fan Art Volume: Numerous artworks and fanfictions
  9. 9
    Yuno and Klaus have a strong bond as fellow members of the Golden Dawn, with Klaus often providing emotional support to Yuno. Fans have enjoyed seeing their relationship develop over time.
    The ship 'Yuno x Klaus' is a popular pairing in the anime and manga series Black Clover, which centers around the magical world of Clover Kingdom. The ship refers to a romantic or a strong friendship relationship between the characters Yuno and Klaus Lunettes.
    • Ship Name: Yuno x Klaus
    • Canon Status: Non-canon
    • Type of Relationship: Romantic or Friendship
    • Popularity: High
    • Origin: Derived from the Black Clover series
  10. 10
    While their relationship is not romantic, Asta and Sister Lily's bond has been a significant part of the series since the beginning. Fans have enjoyed seeing Asta's devotion to Sister Lily and their close relationship as siblings.
    The 'Asta x Sister Lily' ship refers to the romantic pairing between Asta and Sister Lily Aquaria from the anime and manga series Black Clover. This ship has gained popularity among fans due to the unique dynamic between the two characters.
    • Canon Status: Not canon, but frequently speculated by fans
    • Age Difference: Asta is approximately 15 years old, while Sister Lily is in her early twenties
    • Shared Moments: They have shared various heartfelt moments throughout the series
    • Personalities: Asta is determined and energetic, while Sister Lily is kind and compassionate
    • Friendship: They have a close friendship and mutual support for each other

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Ranking factors for popular ship

  1. Chemistry between the characters
    The level of connection and spark between the two characters can make or break a ship. Fans tend to root for pairs that have a good dynamic and compatibility.
  2. Development of the relationship
    Fans enjoy seeing the growth and evolution of a relationship between characters over time. If a ship has had moments of intense emotion and meaningful interactions, it can garner more support.
  3. Canon status
    Whether or not the pair is officially recognized as a couple in the series can significantly impact their popularity.
  4. Reciprocity
    If there is a sense that both characters reciprocate each other's feelings, this can create a stronger fan base and lead to more support.

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