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Welcome to StrawPoll, where we celebrate your opinions and fuel your fandom! Calling all Blue Exorcist enthusiasts - it's time to dive into the enchanting world of relationships and romantic possibilities with our latest ranking: "What is the most popular ship in Blue Exorcist?" Thousands of fans have cast their votes, and now it's your turn! Whether you're a Rin x Shiemi supporter, a Bon x Izumo believer, or have an entirely unique pairing in mind, we want to hear from you. Rally behind your favorite couple, explore the chemistry between characters, and make your voice heard in this exhilarating poll. Don't see your ultimate ship on the list? No problem! Simply suggest a missing option and watch the sparks fly. So go on, let your heart lead the way, and join the thrilling debate on the most popular Blue Exorcist ship today!

What Is the Most Popular Ship in Blue Exorcist?

  1. 1
    This ship has a sweet and innocent vibe, as Shiemi is one of the few people who can calm down Rin's demonic side. They also have a mutual caring and supportive relationship.
    Rin Okumura x Shiemi Moriyama is a popular ship in the Blue Exorcist fandom. It refers to the romantic pairing of Rin Okumura, the main protagonist, and Shiemi Moriyama, one of his close friends and classmates.
    • Ship Name: Rinemi (also referred to as ShiRin)
    • Popularity: Highly popular within the fandom
    • Official Canon Status: Not a canon pairing in the original manga or anime series
    • Supporting Moments: Several emotional and heartwarming interactions throughout the series
    • Fanfiction and Fanart: Abundant fan-created content dedicated to this ship
  2. 2
    This ship is a classic example of "brotherly love" turning into something deeper. Some fans interpret their intense bond as romantic, while others see it as a metaphor for the struggle between Rin's demonic and human sides.
    Rin Okumura x Yukio Okumura, also known as OkuRin or Yukinii, is a popular ship in the Blue Exorcist fandom. It revolves around the relationship between the twin brothers Rin and Yukio Okumura. The ship is characterized by a complex dynamic of love, loyalty, and familial bonds, as the brothers navigate their demon and exorcist identities together.
    • Ship Name: OkuRin/Yukinii
    • Canon or Fanon: Primarily fanon (not canonically confirmed in source material)
    • Popularity: Highly popular within the Blue Exorcist fanbase
    • Tropes: Twincest, angst, hurt/comfort, protective siblings
    • Supporters: Fans who enjoy exploring the complex bond between Rin and Yukio
  3. 3
    This ship is based on the fact that Amaimon is Mephisto's younger brother and often teases him in a flirtatious way. Some fans enjoy the dynamic of a demonic prince and a mischievous demon lord.
  4. 4
    This ship is fueled by the tension and chemistry between Shura, a reckless and flirtatious exorcist, and Yukio, a serious and analytical exorcist. Some fans like the idea of opposites attracting and challenging each other.
    The ship 'Shura Kirigakure x Yukio Okumura' in Blue Exorcist refers to the romantic relationship between Shura Kirigakure and Yukio Okumura. Shura is a skilled Exorcist and a member of the True Cross Order, while Yukio is a young exorcist and Rin Okumura's twin brother. Their dynamic evolves throughout the series, creating a potential romantic pairing.
    • Chemistry: Strong
    • Ship Name: ShuraKirio
    • Canon Status: Non-Canon
    • Romantic Potential: High
    • Series Compatibility: Blue Exorcist
  5. 5
    This ship is a popular "frenemies to lovers" trope, as Ryuji and Renzo often bicker and compete but also have a deep respect and loyalty towards each other. Some fans enjoy the banter and the potential for character development.
  6. 6
    This ship is based on the friendship and contrast between Izumo, a tough and aloof exorcist, and Shiemi, a gentle and nurturing exorcist. Some fans appreciate the potential for a slow burn romance or a heartwarming platonic bond.
    The ship 'Izumo Kamiki x Shiemi Moriyama' refers to the romantic pairing between two characters from the Blue Exorcist series: Izumo Kamiki and Shiemi Moriyama. In the manga and anime, these two characters share several moments of friendship and subtle romantic tension.
    • Ship Name: Izushi
    • Series: Blue Exorcist
    • Canon: No
    • Fanon: Yes
    • Genre: Romance
  7. 7
    This ship is a tragic love story between Shiro, Rin and Yukio's adoptive father and a powerful exorcist, and Yuri, a demon who falls in love with him. Some fans are drawn to the forbidden and doomed aspect of their relationship, as well as the impact it has on the main characters.
    The ship 'Shiro Fujimoto x Yuri Egin' is a popular pairing in the Blue Exorcist fandom. It refers to the romantic relationship between Shiro Fujimoto, a powerful exorcist and priest, and Yuri Egin, a demon and former disciple of Shiro. This ship explores the complex dynamics and tragic love story between the two characters.
    • Ship Name: ShirYuri
    • Romantic Relationship: Canonically confirmed
    • Story Arcs: Flashbacks and references in the manga/anime
    • Character Development: Impacts the emotional growth of both characters
    • Tragic Element: Yuri's demonic nature and eventual fate
  8. 8
    This ship is a niche but passionate one, as some fans enjoy the idea of Shima, a flirty and flamboyant exorcist, seducing Rin and bringing out his wild side. Some fanworks also explore the power dynamics and trust issues between them.
    The Shima x Rin Okumura ship is a popular pairing from the anime and manga series Blue Exorcist. It represents a romantic or close relationship between Yukio Okumura's best friend, Renzo Shima, and his older brother, Rin Okumura.
    • Canon Status: Non-canon
    • Ship Name: Shima x Rin Okumura
    • Nickname: ShiRin
    • Relationship Type: Romantic or close friendship
    • Popularity: High
  9. 9
    This ship is based on the close friendship and shared trauma between Konekomaru, a timid and loyal exorcist, and Ryuji, a hot-headed and determined exorcist. Some fans appreciate the potential for a healing and supportive relationship.
    Konekomaru Miwa x Ryuji Suguro, also known as KonRin, is a popular ship in the Blue Exorcist fandom. It revolves around the romantic relationship between Konekomaru Miwa and Ryuji Suguro, two central characters in the series who are fellow exorcists and close friends.
    • Ship Name: KonRin
    • Fandom Origin: Blue Exorcist
    • Status: Fan-created ship
    • Type: Slash ship (male/male)
    • Popularity: High
  10. 10
    This ship is a softer and more nuanced version of the "opposites attract" trope, as Shiemi and Izumo have a complex history and personality. Some fans enjoy the slow development of their friendship and the potential for mutual growth.
    Shiemi Moriyama x Izumo Kamiki, commonly referred to as Shiemi x Izumo, is a popular ship in the Blue Exorcist anime and manga series. It represents a romantic or close relationship between the characters Shiemi Moriyama and Izumo Kamiki.
    • Ship Name: Shiemi x Izumo
    • Status: Romantic or close relationship
    • Canon: Non-canon, fan-created ship
    • Popularity: High
    • Supporters: Fans of Shiemi Moriyama and Izumo Kamiki

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Ranking factors for popular ship

  1. Chemistry between characters
    The level of romantic or emotional chemistry between the characters in the ship could be considered a significant factor.
  2. Popularity of characters
    The popularity of the characters involved in the ship could influence the popularity of the ship itself.
  3. Canon vs. non-canon
    Whether the ship is canon or non-canon could also affect its popularity, as some fans may only support relationships that are officially confirmed in the show or the manga.
  4. Fanfiction and fanart
    The amount and quality of fanfiction and fanart related to the ship could also be taken into account, as they can further increase the ship's popularity.
  5. Fan opinion and ship wars
    Finally, the overall fan opinion of the ship and the extent of any ship wars or intense debates over the characters, their compatibility, or their potential romantic relationships could also be taken into consideration.

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More information on most popular ship in blue exorcist

Background Information: Blue Exorcist is a popular manga and anime series that follows the story of Rin Okumura, a teenage boy who discovers that he is the son of Satan and possesses demonic powers. The series is set in a world where exorcists battle demons and other supernatural creatures. The story revolves around Rin and his twin brother, Yukio, as they attend True Cross Academy to become exorcists and fight against Satan and his followers. One of the most popular topics among Blue Exorcist fans is the ships, or romantic pairings, in the series. Fans love to debate and discuss which characters would make the best couples, and there are many popular ships to choose from. Some of the most popular include Rin and Shiemi, Rin and Bon, and Yukio and Shiemi. However, there is one ship that stands out as the most popular among fans: Rin and Shiemi. This pairing has a strong following due to Rin and Shiemi's close friendship and the chemistry between the two characters. Fans love to see them together and hope that they will become a couple in the series.

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