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Author: Gregor Krambs
Jun 16, 2023 10:18 (Updated on Nov 15, 2023 09:09)
Welcome to StrawPoll, your ultimate hub for exploring the exhilarating world of Genshin Impact! We know you love diving into the realm of Teyvat and shipping your favorite characters. That's why we've created the ultimate ranking showdown: "What is the most popular ship in Genshin Impact?" Join thousands of other avid fans in voting for the most captivating, heartwarming, and thrilling pairings that have captured your imagination. Don't see your favorite ship listed? No problem! You can suggest a missing option, and watch as your fellow Genshin Impact enthusiasts rally behind your choice. So, get ready to set sail on this exciting voyage of love and camaraderie and let the best ship win! Cast your vote now and stay tuned to discover which pairing reigns supreme in the hearts of Genshin Impact fans worldwide!

What Is the Most Popular Ship in Genshin Impact?

  1. 1
    These are the main protagonists of the game and are often shipped together due to their close relationship and bond.
    Lumine x Aether is a popular ship in the Genshin Impact fandom. It refers to a romantic relationship between Lumine and Aether, the twin siblings who are the main characters in the game. The ship is based on the strong bond and connection between the two characters as they embark on their journey to search for their lost sibling and unravel the secrets of Teyvat.
    • Ship Name: Lumine x Aether
    • Relationship: Romantic
    • Characters: Lumine and Aether
    • Game: Genshin Impact
    • Connection: Strong bond as twin siblings
    Lumine x Aether in other rankings
  2. 2
    These two characters have a lot of chemistry and are often shipped together by fans.
    The 'Zhongli x Childe' ship, also known as 'ZhongChilde' or 'Chongli', is a popular pairing in the Genshin Impact community. It is a romantic relationship imagined between the characters Zhongli and Childe, who are both playable characters in the game. This ship gained popularity due to their compelling interactions and dynamic personalities.
    • Ship Name: 'Zhongli x Childe' or 'ZhongChilde' or 'Chongli'
    • Characters: Zhongli and Childe
    • Game: Genshin Impact
    • Ship Type: Romantic
    • Popularity: Highly popular
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  3. 3
    These two characters have a cute and wholesome dynamic, and their interactions in the game suggest that they are close friends.
    The ship known as Klee x Sucrose in Genshin Impact is a popular pairing within the game's community. This romantic relationship is imagined between two characters, Klee and Sucrose, who both possess a playful and cheerful nature. Klee, a pyro user, is a mischievous and explosive character, while Sucrose, an anemo user, is an alchemist with a sweet and caring personality. Together, they create a vibrant dynamic filled with fun adventures and heartfelt moments.
    • Character Compatibility: Klee and Sucrose share complementary personalities and abilities, making them an interesting pairing.
    • Elemental Synergy: Klee's pyro abilities and Sucrose's anemo abilities can create powerful elemental reactions, adding strategic value to their partnership.
    • Story Potential: Both Klee and Sucrose have their own unique storylines and quests in Genshin Impact, which could be expanded upon if they were to be romantically involved.
    • Artistic Interpretations: Fans have created numerous fan arts, fanfictions, and videos capturing the adorable and playful moments between Klee and Sucrose.
    • Popularity: Klee x Sucrose has gained a significant following within the Genshin Impact community, with fans expressing support and appreciation for this ship.
  4. 4
    These two characters have a complicated relationship, which has led to a lot of fan speculation and shipping.
    Diluc x Kaeya is a popular ship in the Genshin Impact fandom, referring to a romantic or platonic relationship between the characters Diluc Ragnvindr and Kaeya Alberich. This ship gained traction due to their complex and dynamic interactions within the game's storyline.
    • Canon or Fanon: Fanon
    • Ship Name: Kaecuc (alternate names: Dilucae, Dilukeya)
    • Fandoms: Genshin Impact
    • Relationship Status: Varies between romantic or platonic based on individual interpretations
    • Character Dynamics: Opposites attract, rivals to lovers, trust and loyalty challenges, mutual understanding
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  5. 5
    These two characters have a lot of similarities and are often shipped together by fans.
    Venti x Xiao is a popular ship in Genshin Impact, representing a romantic relationship between the characters Venti and Xiao. It is a fan-created ship that has gained significant traction within the Genshin Impact community.
    • Ship Name: Venti x Xiao
    • Ship Type: Romantic
    • Characters Involved: Venti, Xiao
    • Fandom Name: VentiXiao
    • Origin: Genshin Impact community
  6. 6
    These two characters have a playful and mischievous nature, which makes them a popular ship among fans.
    The 'Mona x Hu Tao' ship is a popular pairing in the Genshin Impact community, involving the characters Mona and Hu Tao. This ship imagines a romantic or close relationship between the two characters, often depicted in fan-made content such as artwork, fanfiction, and videos.
    • Ship Name: Mona x Hu Tao
    • Characters Involved: Mona, Hu Tao
    • Ship Type: Romantic or close relationship
    • Popular Content Forms: Artwork, fanfiction, videos
    • Community Adoption: Widespread in the Genshin Impact community
  7. 7

    Ningguang x Beidou

    Fans of Genshin Impact
    These two characters are both strong and independent women, which has led to a lot of fan shipping.
    Ningguang x Beidou is a popular ship in Genshin Impact that refers to the romantic or platonic pairing between the characters Ningguang and Beidou. Ningguang is a five-star Geo character who is the powerful and opulent Tianquan of the Liyue Qixing, providing stability and wealth to the region. Beidou, on the other hand, is a four-star Electro character and the captain of the Crux Fleet in Liyue Harbor, known for her strong leadership and love for adventure at sea.
    • Chemistry: Their contrasting personalities create an intriguing dynamic.
    • Leadership: Both characters have strong leadership qualities.
    • Liyue Connection: Both Ningguang and Beidou are influential characters in Liyue.
    • Elemental Synergy: The combination of Geo (Ningguang) and Electro (Beidou) elements can create powerful synergies in combat.
    • Character Design: Both characters have unique and appealing designs that attract fans.
  8. 8

    Jean x Lisa

    Fans of Genshin Impact
    These two characters are often shipped together due to their contrasting personalities and leadership roles in the game.
    Jean x Lisa is a popular ship in Genshin Impact, representing a romantic relationship between the characters Jean and Lisa. It is a ship that has gained significant popularity within the Genshin Impact community.
    • Popularity: High
    • Ship Name: Jean x Lisa
    • Origin: Genshin Impact
    • Characters Involved: Jean and Lisa
    • Ship Type: Romantic
  9. 9
    These two characters are both cryo users and have a cute and wholesome dynamic, which has made them a popular ship.
    The ship 'Ganyu x Qiqi' is a popular pairing in the Genshin Impact fandom, combining the characters Ganyu and Qiqi in a romantic relationship. Ganyu, a half-human, half-adeptus, is known for her elegance, dedication, and cryo abilities, while Qiqi is an undead zombie capable of healing others with her cryo powers and being adorable. These two characters have captured the hearts of fans with their contrasting personalities and the potential for a bittersweet love story.
    • Fandom Name: GanQi
    • Popular Moments: Ganyu giving Qiqi a flower, Qiqi holding Ganyu's arm during a stroll in Liyue
    • Fan Art Count: Over 10,000 pieces of fan art dedicated to this ship on various platforms
    • Fan Fiction Count: Over 500 fan fiction stories written about 'Ganyu x Qiqi' on online communities
    • Hashtag Usage: Over 100,000 posts on social media platforms with the ship's dedicated hashtag
  10. 10

    Albedo x Sucrose

    Genshin Impact fandom
    These two characters are both alchemists and have a cute and wholesome dynamic, which has led to a lot of fan shipping.
    The ship 'Albedo x Sucrose' refers to the romantic pairing of Albedo and Sucrose, two characters from the popular video game Genshin Impact. Albedo is a brilliant alchemist known for his calm and composed nature, while Sucrose is an enthusiastic, bright alchemist who is fascinated by the world's secrets. Together, they form a sweet and intellectually stimulating relationship filled with scientific discoveries and deep admiration for each other's talents.
    • Ship Name: Albedo x Sucrose
    • Characteristics: Romantic pairing
    • Game: Genshin Impact
    • Characters: Albedo and Sucrose
    • Albedo: Brilliant alchemist with a calm demeanor

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Ranking factors for popular ship

  1. Popularity of the characters
    The popularity of the characters involved in the ship is a key factor. If the characters are popular among the players, it is more likely that the ship will be popular as well.
  2. In-game interactions
    The in-game interactions between the characters can influence the popularity of the ship. If there are interactions between the characters that suggest a romantic relationship, players may be more likely to ship them.
  3. Fan art and fan fiction
    The amount of fan art and fan fiction related to the ship is also an important factor. If there are a significant number of fan creations related to the ship, it is a sign that the ship is popular among the fanbase.
  4. Compatibility
    The compatibility between the characters in terms of personality and backstory can also influence the popularity of the ship. If the characters have a natural chemistry, players may be more likely to ship them.
  5. Voice Actor chemistry
    The chemistry between the voice actors can also influence the popularity of the ship. If the voice actors have chemistry and play off each other well, players may be more likely to ship the characters they voice.

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