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Updated on May 29, 2024 07:16
Choosing the right suburb in Perth can significantly impact one's lifestyle and well-being. With numerous neighborhoods offering diverse amenities, atmospheres, and communities, potential residents and visitors face tough decisions. A consolidated ranking of Perth's most popular suburbs can assist in making these choices more straightforward by presenting a clear, community-driven perspective. On this site, each vote contributes to the live updating scores that determine the real-time popularity of each suburb. By participating, users help others gauge the collective opinion on where the best living experiences can be found in Perth. These rankings offer a dynamic resource for anyone needing insight into Perth’s residential landscapes.

What Is the Most Popular Suburb in Perth?

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    A vibrant port city known for its maritime history, Victorian architecture, and remnants of Australia's convict past.
    • Famous for: Fremantle Prison, Fremantle Markets
    • Distance from Perth CBD: Approximately 19 km
  2. 2


    Known for its beaches, cafes, and relaxed lifestyle, Cottesloe is a favorite among locals and tourists alike.
    • Famous for: Cottesloe Beach
    • Distance from Perth CBD: Approximately 11 km
  3. 3


    An inner western suburb known for its retail and entertainment precincts, Subiaco blends heritage charm with modern sophistication.
    • Famous for: Subiaco Oval, Regal Theatre
    • Distance from Perth CBD: Approximately 4 km
  4. 4


    A lively suburb with a strong café culture, indie shopping, and nightlife, making it a hotspot for dining and entertainment.
    • Famous for: Oxford Street cafes and shops
    • Distance from Perth CBD: Approximately 3 km
  5. 5


    A coastal suburb with a popular beach for surfing and swimming, Scarborough is known for its laid-back vibe and beautiful sunsets.
    • Famous for: Scarborough Beach
    • Distance from Perth CBD: Approximately 14 km
  6. 6


    Just north of the CBD, Northbridge is known for its cultural diversity, nightlife, and as a creative and foodie hub.
    • Famous for: Nightlife and dining
    • Distance from Perth CBD: Adjacent to the CBD
  7. 7

    Mount Lawley

    A cosmopolitan suburb known for its vibrant atmosphere, boutique shopping, and diverse dining options.
    • Famous for: Beaufort Street
    • Distance from Perth CBD: Approximately 3.5 km
  8. 8


    An upscale suburb known for its shopping, Claremont combines old-world charm with contemporary living.
    • Famous for: Claremont Quarter shopping centre
    • Distance from Perth CBD: Approximately 9 km
  9. 9

    Victoria Park

    A dynamic and diverse suburb with a mix of residential, commercial, and entertainment areas, known for its vibrant Albany Highway café and retail strip.
    • Famous for: Albany Highway café strip
    • Distance from Perth CBD: Approximately 5 km
  10. 10

    South Perth

    Offers stunning city views and a plethora of recreational activities, making it a sought-after location for families and professionals.
    • Famous for: Perth Zoo, South Perth Foreshore
    • Distance from Perth CBD: Approximately 3 km

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More about the Most Popular Suburb in Perth

Rank #1 for the most popular suburb in Perth: Fremantle (Source)
Perth is a city known for its vibrant suburbs. One suburb, in particular, stands out among the rest. It has become a favorite for many residents and newcomers. This area offers a mix of lifestyle, convenience, and charm.

The suburb is close to the city center. This makes commuting easy for those who work in the city. Public transport options are plentiful. Buses and trains run frequently. The roads are well-maintained, reducing traffic issues.

Green spaces are abundant. Parks and reserves provide places for relaxation and recreation. Families enjoy picnics on weekends. Children play on well-kept playgrounds. Joggers and cyclists use the paths daily. These areas also host community events and markets.

Schools in this suburb have a strong reputation. Both public and private schools offer quality education. Parents feel confident in sending their children here. The suburb also has several childcare centers. This makes it easier for working parents.

Shopping is convenient and varied. There are large shopping centers with many stores. Boutiques and specialty shops add to the charm. Cafes and restaurants line the streets. They offer diverse cuisines to suit all tastes. Weekend brunches are a popular activity.

Housing options cater to different needs. There are modern apartments for young professionals. Families prefer spacious houses with gardens. The suburb also has heritage homes. These add character and history to the area. Property values have seen steady growth. This makes it a good investment choice.

Safety is a priority in this suburb. The community is close-knit. Neighbors look out for each other. Police presence is strong and reassuring. Crime rates are low compared to other areas. This adds to the suburb's appeal.

Health services are readily available. There are several clinics and a hospital nearby. Pharmacies are easy to find. This ensures residents have access to medical care when needed. Fitness centers and sports clubs promote a healthy lifestyle.

Cultural activities thrive here. Art galleries and theaters host regular events. Music and dance schools offer classes for all ages. Libraries provide resources and run community programs. Festivals and fairs bring people together. The suburb has a lively, inclusive atmosphere.

Transport links make travel easy. The airport is a short drive away. This is convenient for frequent flyers. Major highways connect the suburb to other parts of Perth. Weekend getaways are simple to plan.

The suburb has a rich history. Historical landmarks and buildings are preserved. These tell the story of the area’s development. Guided tours and information plaques offer insights. This blend of old and new attracts many.

In summary, this suburb in Perth is popular for good reasons. It offers a balanced lifestyle with many amenities. The community is welcoming and safe. Education and healthcare services are top-notch. Transport and housing options meet various needs. Cultural and recreational activities are abundant. All these factors make it a desirable place to live.

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