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Choosing a sub sandwich can often be a delightful yet daunting task given the array of choices and individual taste preferences that vary from person to person. Knowing which sub sandwiches are favored by the majority can help simplify this decision, making meal selection easier and more satisfying. That’s where the value of a ranking system comes into play, guiding both novices and aficionados in their culinary quests. This site allows you to cast your vote and see real-time rankings of popular sub sandwiches based on collective preferences. Your participation not only reflects your personal tastes but also contributes to a broader community consensus. By engaging with our ranking, you help paint a clearer picture of the most loved selections, serving as a guide for others to find their next favorite meal.

What Is the Most Popular Sub Sandwich?

  1. 1
    This classic sub is a fan favorite due to its combination of spicy pepperoni, salami, and ham.
    Subway's Italian B.M.T. is a classic sub sandwich with bold and savory flavors. It is made with a combination of pepperoni, salami, and ham, along with your choice of fresh vegetables, cheeses, and condiments. This delicious sandwich is served on freshly baked bread and can be customized to suit your taste preferences.
    • Meat: Pepperoni, Salami, Ham
    • Bread: Freshly baked
    • Vegetables: Choice of fresh vegetables
    • Cheeses: Choice of cheeses
    • Condiments: Choice of condiments
  2. 2
    Another Italian-inspired sub, this one features capicola, ham, salami, pepperoni, and provolone cheese.
    The Quiznos' Classic Italian is a mouthwatering sub sandwich that combines the flavors of Italy into a delicious bite. It was created by the Quiznos brand, a popular sandwich franchise known for its toasty subs. The Classic Italian features a blend of high-quality ingredients and is served on freshly-baked bread. Here are ten important specs about this delightful sandwich:
    • Meat: A combination of Genoa salami, sliced ham, and pepperoni.
    • Cheese: Melted mozzarella adds a creamy and rich element.
    • Vegetables: Crisp lettuce, sliced tomatoes, onions, and tangy banana peppers add freshness and texture.
    • Condiments: A zesty red wine vinaigrette helps to enhance the overall flavor.
    • Bread: Freshly-baked artisan bread with a slightly crispy exterior and a soft, fluffy interior.
  3. 3
    This sub is a mix of smoked turkey breast, Virginia honey ham, and melted Monterey Jack cheese.
    The Firehouse Subs' Hook & Ladder is a delicious yet mildly spicy sub sandwich that is a favorite among their customers. It is packed with a combination of succulent smoked turkey breast and Virginia honey ham, topped with melted Monterey Jack cheese. The sandwich is then layered with a medley of fresh, crispy lettuce, ripe tomatoes, crunchy onions, and tangy mustard sauce. All of these ingredients are carefully placed inside a perfectly toasted roll, giving it a delightful crunch with every bite.
    • Proteins: Smoked turkey breast and Virginia honey ham
    • Cheese: Monterey Jack
    • Vegetables: Lettuce, tomatoes, and onions
    • Sauce: Mustard sauce
    • Spiciness: Mild
  4. 4

    Jimmy John's Turkey Tom

    Jimmy John Liautaud
    Made with freshly sliced turkey, lettuce, tomato, and mayo, this sub is a simple but delicious option.
    The Jimmy John's Turkey Tom is a classic sub sandwich known for its delicious combination of flavors. It starts with freshly sliced turkey, which is then piled high on a freshly baked French bread. The sandwich is then topped with lettuce, tomato, and mayo, creating a simple yet satisfying meal.
    • Bread: Freshly baked French bread
    • Meat: Freshly sliced turkey
    • Toppings: Lettuce, tomato, and mayo
    • Flavor: Delicious combination of flavors
    • Texture: Soft bread with tender turkey
  5. 5
    With ham, prosciuttini, cappacuolo, salami, and provolone cheese, this sub has all the classic Italian flavors.
    The Jersey Mike's #13 Original Italian is a classic sub sandwich packed with flavorful Italian ingredients. It features sliced Provolone cheese, freshly sliced ham, provolone, cappacuolo, and pepperoni, topped with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, vinegar, oil, and spices on a freshly baked roll.
    • Cheese: Provolone
    • Meats: Ham, Capicola, Pepperoni
    • Toppings: Lettuce, Tomatoes, Onions
    • Condiments: Vinegar, Oil, Spices
    • Bread: Freshly baked roll
  6. 6

    Potbelly's A Wreck

    Potbelly Sandwich Shop
    This sub features a combination of roast beef, turkey, ham, and salami, with Swiss cheese and all the fixings.
    Potbelly's A Wreck is a popular sub sandwich that is loved by many. It is a combination of delicious ingredients packed into a warm, toasted bread. The creator of this mouthwatering sandwich is Potbelly Sandwich Shop.
    • Bread type: Toasted bread
    • Meat: Salami, roast beef, turkey, and ham
    • Cheese: Swiss cheese
    • Toppings: Lettuce, tomato, onion, and mayo
    • Additional toppings: Hot peppers and oil
  7. 7
    This sub is piled high with turkey, bacon, and Swiss cheese, making it a popular choice for meat lovers.
    Blimpie's Super Stacked Turkey & Bacon is a delicious and satisfying sub sandwich that combines layers of thinly sliced turkey and crispy bacon. It is built on a fresh and soft sub roll, making each bite a flavorful experience. The sandwich is completed with your choice of veggies and condiments, allowing for personalization to suit your taste preferences.
    • Protein content: High
    • Bread type: Sub roll
    • Meat: Thinly sliced turkey
    • Additional meat: Crispy bacon
    • Vegetables: Customizable
  8. 8
    Though technically not a sub, Arby's roast beef sandwich is a classic option for those looking for a quick and tasty meal.
    The Arby's Classic Roast Beef is a popular sub sandwich offered by Arby's restaurant chain. It features tender, thinly sliced roast beef piled high on a sesame seed bun, topped with Arby's signature sauce.
    • Protein: Roast beef
    • Bread: Sesame seed bun
    • Toppings: Arby's signature sauce
    • Slicing Style: Thinly sliced
    • Texture: Tender
  9. 9
    This sub is a Wawa specialty, with a mix of ham, capicola, salami, and provolone cheese.
    Wawa's Italian Hoagie is a classic sub sandwich that is a favorite among many sandwich lovers. It is made with freshly baked Italian bread and filled with the finest quality meats, cheeses, and toppings. The hoagie is known for its perfect balance of flavors and textures, making it a delightful choice for any meal.
    • Bread: Freshly baked Italian bread
    • Meats: Ham, Genoa salami, and pepperoni
    • Cheeses: Provolone cheese
    • Toppings: Lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and sweet peppers
    • Seasonings: Oregano, salt, and pepper
  10. 10
    For those looking for a healthier option, Subway's turkey breast sub is a popular choice with its lean protein and fresh veggies.
    Subway's Turkey Breast is a classic sub sandwich that features thinly sliced turkey breast meat served on freshly baked bread. It is a popular choice among health-conscious individuals due to its low fat and calorie content. The sandwich is typically garnished with fresh vegetables and condiments, allowing for a customizable flavor profile.
    • Meat Type: Turkey Breast
    • Bread: Freshly baked
    • Calories: Less than 300
    • Fat Content: Low fat
    • Protein: High protein

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Ranking factors for popular sub sandwich

  1. Customer preference
    This is a major factor as the popularity of a sub sandwich can be determined by how much customers love and enjoy it.
  2. Availability
    The availability of a sub sandwich in different locations plays a significant role in determining its popularity.
  3. Marketing and promotion
    Effective marketing and promotion can increase the popularity of a sub sandwich.
  4. Price
    The affordable price of a sub sandwich can contribute to its popularity.
  5. Nutritional value
    Consumers today are more health-conscious and prefer sub sandwiches that contain healthy ingredients.
  6. Innovation
    A sub sandwich that offers something unique and different from the regular menu items can attract a lot of attention and become popular.

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