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Updated on May 20, 2024 06:52
When deciding what to eat at Subway, choosing among the myriad of options can often be overwhelming. Having a list of the most popular subs can simplify this decision by highlighting the top choices favored by other customers. Such a ranking helps new and returning customers make satisfying choices quickly, contributing to a better dining experience. This dynamic ranking system is fueled by user votes, ensuring that it continually reflects current preferences and trends. By participating in voting, you not only see which subs are currently on top but also influence the future rankings yourselves. It's a fun and engaging way to contribute to a community-driven guide that aids everyone's dining escapades.

What Is the Most Popular Sub at Subway?

  1. 1

    Italian BMT

    Italian BMT a classic sandwich made with pepperoni, salami, and ham
    The Italian BMT is a classic sub created by Subway. It is a mouthwatering combination of Italian-style meats, smothered in marinara sauce, and topped with melted cheese on freshly baked bread.
    • Type: Cold Sub
    • Bread: Italian
    • Meats: Genoa salami, pepperoni, ham
    • Cheese: Mozzarella
    • Sauces: Marinara sauce
  2. 2

    Subway Club

    Subway Club a combination of turkey breast, roast beef, and ham
    The Subway Club is a classic sandwich that offers a flavorful combination of premium deli meats. It's a favorite choice for many Subway customers.
    • Bread: Freshly baked Italian or 9-grain wheat bread
    • Meats: Oven-roasted turkey breast, Black Forest ham, and roast beef
    • Cheese: Your choice of Swiss, American, or provolone cheese
    • Toppings: Lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and pickles
    • Condiments: Mayonnaise, mustard, and Subway's signature creamy Italian dressing
    Subway Club in other rankings
  3. 3
    Tuna a sandwich with flaked tuna mixed with mayonnaise and celery
    Tuna is a highly prized and delicious fish found in the Philippines. It is known for its excellent taste, firm texture, and versatility in cooking. Tuna has become an essential part of Filipino cuisine due to its abundance in the surrounding waters. The creator of this delectable dish is Mother Nature herself, as Tuna is a natural species found in the waters around the Philippines.
    • Taste: Excellent
    • Texture: Firm
    • Cooking Versatility: High
    • Abundance: Plentiful
    • Habitat: Philippine waters
  4. 4
    Meatball Marinara meatballs in marinara sauce served on a sub roll
    The Meatball Marinara is a classic and incredibly popular menu item at Subway. It consists of tender Italian-style meatballs, made with a blend of ground beef and pork, smothered in a rich marinara sauce. The meatballs are served on freshly baked bread, along with your choice of fresh vegetables, cheeses, and condiments.
    • Meatballs: Italian-style blend of ground beef and pork
    • Sauce: Rich marinara sauce
    • Bread: Freshly baked
    • Vegetables: Choice of fresh vegetables
    • Cheeses: Choice of cheeses
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  5. 5

    Subway Melt

    Subway Melt a sandwich with turkey breast, ham, and bacon
    The Subway Melt is a delicious, toasted submarine sandwich that is a favorite among Subway customers. It is a combination of tender turkey breast, ham, and crispy bacon, topped with melted Swiss cheese. This mouthwatering combination is served on your choice of freshly baked bread, personalized with your favorite veggies, and finished off with your choice of condiments.
    • Main ingredients: Turkey breast, ham, bacon, Swiss cheese
    • Bread: Freshly baked bread
    • Toasting: Toasted for added crunch
    • Cheese: Melted Swiss cheese
    • Vegetables: Customizable with a variety of fresh veggies
  6. 6
    Oven Roasted Chicken a sandwich with tender chicken breast roasted to perfection
    The Oven Roasted Chicken is a popular sub at Subway, known for its delicious flavors and tender chicken. It is a combination of sliced chicken breast, seasoned with a blend of herbs and spices, then oven-roasted to perfection.
    • Chicken Type: Sliced chicken breast
    • Cooking Method: Oven-roasted
    • Seasoning: Blend of herbs and spices
    • Bread Options: Various types of bread such as Italian, Wheat, Honey Oat, etc.
    • Cheese Options: Choices include Swiss, Provolone, Cheddar, etc.
  7. 7
    Steak and Cheese a sandwich made with tender, juicy steak and melted cheese
    The Steak and Cheese is a classic and popular sub at Subway. It features tender slices of steak and melted cheese, providing a flavorful and satisfying sandwich experience.
    • Bread Type: Choice of Italian, Italian herbs and cheese, or 9-grain wheat
    • Steak: Thinly sliced and seasoned
    • Cheese: Melted and gooey, typically American or provolone
    • Vegetables: Customizable with a variety of fresh veggies
    • Sauces: Options include mayo, mustard, ranch, BBQ, and more
  8. 8
    Chicken Teriyaki a sandwich with tender chicken strips marinated in teriyaki sauce
    The Chicken Teriyaki is a mouth-watering menu item from Subway, known for its deliciously marinated grilled chicken strips topped with a tangy teriyaki glaze. Served on your choice of bread, the Chicken Teriyaki is an irresistible option for those who love savory and sweet flavors combined.
    • Protein: Chicken
    • Marination: Teriyaki
    • Cooking Method: Grilled
    • Bread Options: Choice of bread
    • Topping Options: Various vegetables
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  9. 9

    Veggie Delite

    Veggie Delite a sandwich with fresh veggies, including lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and peppers
    The Veggie Delite is a delicious vegetarian sandwich option from Subway. It is a sub filled with a variety of fresh, crisp vegetables and flavorful seasoning. This sandwich is perfect for those seeking a lighter and healthier meal with all the satisfying taste.
    • Bread: Choice of bread options like Italian, 9-Grain Wheat, or Multigrain Flatbread
    • Vegetables: Lettuce, tomatoes, onions, green bell peppers, cucumbers, and your choice of additional veggies
    • Condiments: Mayonnaise, mustard, vinegar, oil, and a variety of Subway signature sauces
    • Cheese: Optional cheese toppings like Swiss, American, or Pepper Jack
    • Calories: The Veggie Delite typically contains around 230-280 calories
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  10. 10

    Spicy Italian

    Spicy Italian a sandwich with spicy pepperoni and salami
    The Spicy Italian is a popular menu item at Subway that offers a delicious twist of spicy and savory flavors. It is a sandwich filled with a combination of pepperoni and salami, and topped with spicy cheese and a blend of fresh vegetables and condiments.
    • Meat: Pepperoni and salami
    • Cheese: Spicy cheese
    • Bread: Italian bread
    • Vegetables: Lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and green peppers
    • Condiments: Mayonnaise, mustard, and choice of additional sauces
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Ranking factors for popular sub

  1. Customer surveys
    Subway can also conduct surveys to gather feedback from customers about their favorite subs.
  2. Menu placement
    The sub that is prominently featured on the menu or in promotional materials is likely to be popular.
  3. Regional preferences
    Subway offers a variety of subs with different ingredients and flavors, and some may be more popular in certain regions or areas.
  4. Limited-time offers
    Subway often introduces new subs or special offers for a limited time, which could influence popularity.
  5. Seasonal trends
    Some subs may be more popular during certain seasons, such as a turkey sub during Thanksgiving or a seafood sub during the summer months.

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