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Welcome to StrawPoll, where diverse opinions unite to form the ultimate rankings! Are you an avid fanfiction enthusiast searching for the perfect site to unleash your creativity or immerse yourself in the worlds of your favorite characters? Look no further! We've curated a comprehensive list of the most popular fanfiction sites, and now it's your turn to weigh in! Cast your vote for your favorite platform, or champion a hidden gem by suggesting an option that deserves the spotlight. Join our passionate community of pollsters and help us determine the ultimate fanfiction destination. So, what are you waiting for? Dive in, explore the contenders, and let your voice be heard!

What Is the Most Popular Fanfiction Site?

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    One of the oldest and largest fanfiction websites, with a vast collection of fanfiction across a wide range of fandoms. It offers a simple and easy-to-use interface and has a large userbase. is a popular online platform for fanfiction enthusiasts to share and explore stories based on various fandoms. It provides a user-friendly interface and a vast collection of fan-created content across different genres and categories.
    • Founded: October 15, 1998
    • Number of stories: Over 10 million
    • Languages available: Multiple, including English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, and more
    • Fandoms covered: Wide range including books, movies, TV shows, anime/manga, and games
    • User-generated content: Allowed and encouraged
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    Archive of Our Own (AO3)
    Aweirdperson65 · GPL
    A popular fanfiction website that is run by a nonprofit organization. It has a large and active community of users and offers a range of features, including tagging, filtering, and searching.
    The Archive of Our Own (AO3) is a popular fanfiction website that allows users to share and discover a wide range of fan-created content. It was created by the Organization for Transformative Works (OTW), a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving and promoting fanworks and fan cultures. AO3 provides a platform for fans to upload and publish their own stories, art, and other creative works related to their favorite fandoms.
    • User-generated content: Users can upload and publish their own fanfiction and creative works.
    • Wide range of fandoms: AO3 supports a diverse range of fandoms, including TV shows, movies, books, and more.
    • Tagging system: AO3 has a comprehensive tagging system, allowing users to categorize their works with relevant tags for easy search and discovery.
    • Rating and warnings system: Users can provide content ratings and warnings for their works, ensuring others can make informed choices about what they want to read.
    • Commenting and kudos: Readers can leave comments and give kudos to show appreciation for works they enjoy.
    Archive of Our Own (AO3) in other rankings
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    A popular platform for writers and readers, Wattpad offers a variety of genres, including fanfiction. It has a large and diverse community of users and offers a range of features, including social networking and interactive storytelling.
    Wattpad is a popular online platform for sharing and reading fanfiction and original stories. It allows aspiring writers to publish their work and gain a readership, while also providing a large library of user-generated content for readers to explore. With a focus on storytelling and community engagement, Wattpad has become a go-to platform for fans of all genres and ages.
    • Launch Date: 2006
    • Headquarters: Toronto, Canada
    • Monthly Active Users: Over 90 million
    • Languages: Available in over 50 languages
    • Features: Story publishing, reading, commenting, messaging, social media integration
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    While not a fanfiction-specific website, Tumblr has a large and active fanfiction community. Users can create their own blogs and share their fanfiction with others, as well as interact with other fans and writers.
    Tumblr is a popular microblogging and social networking platform that allows users to post multimedia content and interact with other users. Users can create and customize their own blog on Tumblr, where they can share text, photos, quotes, links, audio, and video content. The platform also supports reblogging, which allows users to share and amplify content from others in their own blog. With a strong emphasis on creativity and self-expression, Tumblr has gained a dedicated following of artists, bloggers, and content creators.
    • Launch Date: February 2007
    • Content Types: Text, Photos, Quotes, Links, Audio, Video
    • Reblogging: Allowed
    • Customization: Highly customizable themes
    • Social Networking: Follow, Like, Comment, Messaging
  5. 5
    Another older fanfiction website, LiveJournal offers a range of features, including custom templates, communities, and discussion forums. It has a large and active fanfiction community and is particularly popular for certain fandoms.
    LiveJournal is a popular blogging platform that also serves as a hub for fanfiction communities. It allows users to create personal journals, join communities, and share their stories and ideas with fellow fandom enthusiasts.
    • Launch Year: 1999
    • Headquarters: San Francisco, California
    • Monthly Visitors: Over 15 million
    • Languages: Multiple, including English and Russian
    • Journal Styles: Customizable with various layouts and designs
  6. 6
    A sister site to, FictionPress offers original fiction and poetry as well as fanfiction. It has a smaller userbase than but still offers a range of features and a diverse range of content.
    FictionPress is a popular fanfiction site that allows users to share their original stories and fan-created works. It serves as a platform for writers and readers to connect and explore a wide range of genres and themes.
    • User-generated Content: FictionPress allows users to publish and share their own creative writing.
    • Fanfiction: Users can write and read fanfiction based on existing books, movies, TV shows, or other media.
    • Genres: FictionPress hosts stories across various genres, including romance, fantasy, science fiction, mystery, and more.
    • Community: Users can connect with other writers and readers through forums, reviews, and private messaging.
    • Story Stats: Authors can track the number of views, reviews, and favorites their stories receive.
  7. 7
    A social networking site that offers a range of features for writers and readers, including fanfiction. It has a large and active community of users and offers a range of features, including quizzes, polls, and stories.
    Quotev is a popular fanfiction site where users can write, share, and read stories in various genres. It offers a unique combination of fanfiction, original fiction, quizzes, and surveys, making it a vibrant community for creative writing and interactive content. Users can create profiles, follow their favorite authors, and engage with other members through comments and messages.
    • Registered Users: Over 20 million
    • Content Types: Fanfiction, original fiction, quizzes, surveys
    • Genres: Fantasy, romance, action, mystery, science fiction, etc.
    • Interactive Features: Quizzes, surveys, reader feedback
    • Author Interaction: Comments, messages, followers
  8. 8
    A popular fanfiction website in Germany, offers a range of features, including forums, reviews, and a search engine. It has a large and active community of users and offers fanfiction in a range of languages. is a popular German fanfiction website that provides a platform for writers to share their stories based on various fandoms. The website offers a wide range of fanfictions, including those inspired by books, movies, TV shows, and anime. It has been a go-to site for German-speaking fanfiction enthusiasts for many years.
    • Language: German
    • Categories: Various fandoms, including books, movies, TV shows, and anime
    • Userbase: Large community of German-speaking fanfiction writers and readers
    • Story Filtering: Allows users to filter stories based on rating, genre, characters, and more
    • Reviews and Feedback: Allows readers to leave reviews and feedback on stories
  9. 9
    A fanfiction website that caters to fans of Asian media, including K-pop, anime, and manga. It offers a range of features, including tagging, searching, and forums. It has a large and active community of users and offers fanfiction in a range of languages.
    Asianfanfics is a popular fanfiction website that specializes in hosting fan-created stories related to Asian pop culture, including K-pop, J-pop, and Asian dramas. It provides a platform for fans to write, read, and interact with communities of like-minded individuals who share their passion. The site offers a wide variety of genres, including romance, fantasy, and angst, catering to diverse preferences within the fandoms. Users can create and customize profiles, join groups, participate in forums, and leave comments on stories they enjoy.
    • Launch Date: December 2010
    • Language: English
    • Website:
    • Registered Users: Millions
    • Supported Fandoms: K-pop, J-pop, C-pop, Asian dramas
  10. 10
    A fanfiction website that is dedicated solely to fanfiction based on the Harry Potter series. It has a large and active community of users and offers a range of features, including a search engine and forums. It is particularly popular for certain pairings and genres.
    Harry Potter Fanfiction is a platform dedicated to fans of J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series, where users can publish, read, and discuss fan-created stories based on the magical world of Hogwarts. It provides an outlet for fans to explore alternative narratives, expand upon existing characters, and invent new adventures within the Harry Potter universe.
    • Number of Stories: Millions of fanfiction stories available
    • User-generated Content: Fans can create and publish their own Harry Potter stories
    • Story Categories: Categorized by genres, pairings, characters, and more
    • Rating System: Users can rate and review stories
    • Community Interaction: Forums and discussions for readers and writers

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Ranking factors for popular fanfiction site

  1. Number of users
    A good measure of the site's popularity is the number of registered users. A larger user base often equates to a more diverse collection of stories and a more active community.
  2. Number of fanfics available
    A site with a large number of fanfics across diverse categories and genres is usually preferred, as it allows users to explore their interests and find their preferred niches.
  3. Accessibility and ease of use
    The fanfiction site should be user-friendly and easy to navigate, featuring effective search tools that make it easy for users to discover new content and engage with the community.
  4. Active community
    A popular fanfiction site should have an engaged and supportive community that offers helpful feedback, reviews, and recommendations to authors and readers alike. The presence of forums and other interactive features can also contribute to an active community.
  5. Regular content updates
    A fanfiction site that is updated regularly with new stories is more likely to attract and retain a loyal user base. Frequent updates also help to maintain interest and engagement.
  6. Mobile-friendly and compatibility
    With many users accessing content on mobile devices, it is essential that the fanfiction site is mobile-friendly and can be accessed on various devices with ease.
  7. Quality control and curation
    Ensuring the site features high-quality content and enforces guidelines for appropriate behavior is important for maintaining its popularity. Moderation and curation are key to ensuring the content meets user expectations.
  8. Customization options
    Allowing users to customize their reading preferences, such as font size, background color, and reading mode, can enhance the user experience and contribute to the site's popularity.
  9. Support for multiple languages
    A fanfiction site with support for multiple languages can attract a more diverse user base.
  10. Availability of resources
    Providing resources such as writing guides, tutorials, and beta readers can help to improve the overall quality of the content on the site, which in turn contributes to its popularity.

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More information on most popular fanfiction site

Fanfiction has become a popular form of literature among readers and writers alike. It is a type of fiction that is based on characters or settings from an existing work of fiction or media, such as a book, movie, or TV show. With the rise of the internet and digital publishing platforms, fanfiction has now become a widespread phenomenon. There are countless fanfiction sites available on the internet, each with its own unique features and user base. However, when it comes to the most popular fanfiction site, there are a few that stand out from the rest. Sites like, Archive of Our Own, and Wattpad are among the most widely recognized and utilized fanfiction platforms., established in 1998, is one of the oldest fanfiction sites and boasts over 10 million registered users. Archive of Our Own, launched in 2008, has become a popular choice for its user-friendly interface and the ability for users to search and filter stories by various criteria. Wattpad, founded in 2006, has a massive user base and allows writers to easily share their stories with a global audience. As fanfiction continues to grow in popularity, these sites and others like them will likely continue to play a significant role in the fanfiction community.

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