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Jun 16, 2023 10:18 (Updated on Dec 3, 2023 10:42)
Welcome to StrawPoll, where your opinion makes history! Get ready to dive into the world of quirky fashion statements as we present our latest ranking: "Who is the most famous bow tie wearer?" From iconic scientists to eccentric entertainers, we've curated a list of the most memorable bow tie enthusiasts for you to explore and vote for your favorite. But wait, is your beloved bow tie aficionado missing from our list? Fear not! You can suggest and add them to the mix, making this ranking a true reflection of the bow tie community. So, come on in, unleash your inner fashionista, and let's find out who will be crowned the ultimate bow tie icon!

Who Is the Most Famous Bow Tie Wearer?

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    The former British Prime Minister is arguably one of the most famous bow tie wearers of all time. He was often seen wearing a black bow tie with his iconic "siren suit" during World War II.
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    Known as "The Science Guy", Bill Nye is a popular figure in science education and advocacy. He is also known for his signature bow tie, which he wears as a statement of his scientific identity.
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    Fred Astaire
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    The legendary dancer and actor was known for his impeccable style, which often included a bow tie. He was even known to tie his own bow ties in complicated knots.
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    The quirky character played by Paul Reubens in the 1980s and 1990s became synonymous with his red bow tie. The character's trademark catchphrase was even "I know you are, but what am I?"
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    Albert Einstein

    Albert Einstein
    The famous physicist was often seen wearing a bow tie with his disheveled hair and lab coat. He reportedly believed that wearing a bow tie helped him to be taken more seriously.
    Albert Einstein was a revolutionary physicist who developed the theory of relativity, which greatly influenced our understanding of the laws of physics and the universe. Despite facing initial skepticism and rejection, his work eventually led to numerous advances in science and technology.
    • Theory of Relativity: Einstein's groundbreaking theory that explains the relationships between space, time, and gravity.
    • Nobel Prize in Physics: Einstein was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1921 for his discovery of the law of the photoelectric effect.
    • E=mc²: The famous equation derived by Einstein, which relates energy (E) to mass (m) and the speed of light (c) squared.
    • Special Relativity: A theory that describes the behavior of objects moving at constant velocities relative to each other, challenging traditional concepts of space and time.
    • General Relativity: An extension of special relativity that includes acceleration and gravity, explaining the curvature of space and the motion of celestial bodies.
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    The founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken was known for his signature white suit and black bow tie. He even made appearances in KFC commercials long after his death.
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    The "Chairman of the Board" was known for his impeccable style, which often included a bow tie. He was also known for his love of fedoras and tailored suits.
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    Charlie Chaplin
    Strauss-Peyton Studio · Public domain
    The silent film star was often seen wearing a bow tie in his iconic "Tramp" character. The character's signature look included a black bowler hat, cane, and baggy pants.
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    The Fox News host is known for his conservative views and his affinity for bow ties. He often wears a colorful or patterned bow tie with his suits.
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    Orville Redenbacher
    Hunt-Wesson · Public domain
    The founder of the popcorn company was known for his folksy charm and his signature bow tie. He often appeared in commercials for his company, wearing his trademark accessory.

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    Have they influenced fashion trends or popularized the bow tie in any way? Have they used their bow tie wearing as a way to make a statement or draw attention to a particular cause?
  4. The size and reach of their audience
    How famous are they overall, and how many people are likely to see them wearing a bow tie?
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    Are they a part of a larger movement or era in which the bow tie played a significant role in fashion?

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Bow ties have been a fashion accessory for centuries, but it wasn't until the 19th century that they became a popular item of clothing for men. Today, bow ties are seen as a symbol of sophistication and style, and have been worn by many famous men throughout history. From politicians to actors, musicians to writers, the bow tie has been a staple of the well-dressed man's wardrobe. In this poll, we're asking the question: who is the most famous bow tie wearer of all time? Cast your vote and let us know who you think deserves the title.

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